I regularly represent The UK Council for Psychotherapy as a media spokesperson.

    I have been interviewed by freelance journalist, and my expert commentary has been submitted and cited in various published articles, on subjects including

  • "Fear of missing out"
  • "Why your voice changes when speaking to certain people"
  • "Holidaying with your parents as an adult"
  • "Suicidal thoughts in the crisis of Covid-19"
  • "OCD relating to Covid-19"
  • "Anxiety after Lockdown: Are we ready to be normal people again?"
  • "3 lifestyle habits to incorporate into our lives after lockdown"
  • "why so many people are dreaming about their exes during the pandemic"
  • "Mental health during the Covid-19 crisis"
  • "Insomnia and anxiety"
  • "How to prepare for the uncertainty of a recession"
  • "Depression during the Covid-19 crisis"
  • "Returning to work after shielding"

  • Some examples follow:

  • Yahoo News
  • Huffington Post
  • Good to Know
  • Shemazing Magazine (anxiety after lockdown)
  • Shemazing Magazine (Three lifestyle habits)
  • The London Evening Standard
  • Patient.Info Web Site


    Apart from UKCP Spokesperson, my other media experience includes:

  • Talk on "sex education in a cross-cultural context" on the BBC World Service, London
  • Interview for the BBC World Service on "Mental health issues in Japan", London
  • Interviewed for a TV programme on Soseki Natsume's life in Victorian London on NHK, Japan
  • Talk on "Introduction of mental health issues" on IBC Radio, Japan
  • Talk on "Mood changes occuring in May" on Radio Morioka, Japan
  • Interview for a feature article on Japanese cross-cultural adaptation to British society for The Japan Times, an English Newspaper in Japan
  • Interview for an article on Japanese students psychological and mental health issues in the UK for Mainichi Weekly, an English Newspaper in Japan
  • "Expatriates Children's identity issues" Interview with Aera Magazine, Asahi Newspaper, Japan
  • "Japanese expatriates wives in the UK". Interview with Eikoku News Digest, London
  • "Be kind to yourself". Interview with Eikoku News Digest, London
  • "Facebook live streaming interview with Roz Thornton. The subject was "On Mental health in Coronavirus crisis", London

Public speaking


  • Guest speaker at the panel discussion for a book launch at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
  • Presentation and a guest speaker at the panel discussion for Japanese psychology students visiting the UK, London
  • Managing our own wellbeing in the crisis, Zoom conference organised by The Jen Group, London
  • Workshop on "elderly people living alone”, Japan UK Care, London
  • Talk on "How to support elderly people in depression", Koyokai, London
  • Talk on "Mental health issues of the Japanese community in the UK", Hakumonkai, London
  • Talk on "Midlife crisis", Naminokai, London
  • Talk on "Reverse culture shock", JET Programme, London
  • Talk on "Japanese cross-cultural adaptation", Richmond College, London